Filiberto canino

Web Developer



App for language learning

I am currently collaborating on a project to create an app for learning various languages, soon new information…


Tools for Real Estate

In 2020 I worked for a real estate agency creating a website, a data management software for internal use and taking care of its online presence


EEE: CSV2Chart

In March 2019 I won the second prize within the EEE project for the creation of a software that automates the creation of graphs on experimental data

2015 - 2020


Since I’m capable of it, I have been building websites and data management software for my family and friends.

About Me

I am what I am and you read what is written on this website mainly thanks to my father, he works in the computer industry and has always helped me to cultivate my passion, programming. I’ve been playing computer games rather than football since I was 8 years old. Being a nerd allowed me to further enlarge my cultural baggage until you get to the current point. I am happy to have chosen an high school in which computer science subject is studied and now I study computer engineering at polimi.